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Wilderness Tour

11 days

When you visit a new destination do you enjoy touring around with a professional guide? If so, then our Wilderness Tour is a great choice for you. I Need Sweden is networked with local tour guides who are ready to serve your every need. If you want to see the world from a different perspective, then this is the trip for you.



Askersund, Hotel PerOlofGården (2 nights)

The first accomodation in the tour is Hotel Per Olof Gården, despite being tucked away from the bustling city, Per Olof Gården is fully equipped with modern amenities creating a sense of balance between tranquility and modern comforts.

Summer times are dominated by the local outdoor and leisure possibilities or try out the garden labyrinth, the labyrinth consisting of a system of gravel paths separated by tall hedgerows, the labyrinths were popular in the castle gardens and large estates during the 1700s and 1800s.

Beside the labyrinth there is an amphitheater. The design allows seating blends into the hill. Both the audience and musicians can enjoy the fine acoustics welcome. During the summer season there are various performances and concerts.

Dala Järna, Dalarna Outdoor (2 nights)

The next stop is Dalarna, land of the brightly-coloured model Dala Horse. Here you will sleep at Näsets Marcusgård in the standard room.  If you are more looking for an exclusive and magic way to experience the Swedish nature and if you like a design, we advise you treat yourself on a stay in the forest in one of the imaginative tree huts Supermåne and Oddis Öga. It does not matter when you come, every season has its own colours, smells, and sounds.

Highlight of your stay here is the guided Jeep Safari by Dalarna Outdoor.   We drive deep into the beautiful wilderness of Sweden and show you the signals we encounter. Our guide shares his knowledge during the search for different types of animal tracks like the ones from moose, brown bears, beavers, wolves, foxes and lynx. He will also teach you how to deal with a (un-)expected contact with wild animals.

Due to our good knowledge of the area, we have spotted moose and / or other wildlife at 8 of 10 Wilderness Wildlife Safari’s! But that's not all we do! We will also tell you as much as possible about the different landscapes we drive through and the beautiful province of Dalarna.

Are you in for some adventure and already packed your camera?

Bergby, Hedenstugan B&B Hotel (2 nights)

After a total renovation in 2013, a former epidemic hospital has been transformed into a countryside hotel,  close to the forest and near the baltic coast you can enjoy real fresh seafood at  “Trollharens Fisk” or “Axmarbrygga” restaurant and nothing is more exciting than discovering the country throughout beautiful landscapes while biking and hiking with your friends or family.

Head out from Bergby to the moose park in Ockelbo and get up close and personal with some of these noble creatures. Learn all about these magnificent animals while seeing them in their natural habitat.

Stockholm - Hotel J (2 nights)

After several days on the countryside, the next two days you will spend your time in the Stockholm archipelago in one of the Scandinavian style rooms. Take the boat directly from the hotel into the city. Pay a visit to the Abba museum or enjoy the old citycentre of Stockholm.

Diö - Möckelsnäs Herrgård (2 nights)

The last accomodation in the tour is Möckelnäs Herrgård. Diö is close to the town of Älmhult. Here is the IKEA Museum. Discover the story of IKEA. In the past, in the present and into the future. Join us on our journey from our beginnings in Älmhult and out into the world. Take a break with a tasty meal in the restaurant and browse among the unique products in the  museum shop. We look forward to meet you in the building that was the very first IKEA store


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