Dalarna Outdoor - fire
Hedenstugan - Totrabadet
Hedenstugan - Gåsholma
Hedenstugan - Hiking
Hedenstugan - Skämningsön
Hedenstugan - Hådells
Guesthouse Eleven - campfire dinner
Hedenstugan - Gamla Gävle
Guesthouse Eleven- biking

Small hotels with great service

Discover and enjoy some of the places the Swedes keep to themselves. Here we present some of the jewels from the heart of Sweden. The season starts in May with the change of nature from spring to summer – don’t miss it! September and October will welcome you with beautiful colourful scenery and culinary experiences as the hunting season is here. During summer you should experience some of the Swedish traditional holiday parties such as midsummer and a crawfish party.

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